Psychonautic & Cybernetic

“Control theory is akin to the cybernetics approach, popularized by Norbert Weiner in the 1940s, which is perhaps more well-known in the social sciences. Cybernetics has a long—though often unrecognized—history in the study of political systems. For example, the etymology of the English word governor illustrates this fundamental connection: Greek kybernare – Latin gubernare – English to govern.

As far back as ancient Greece, politics and governance have been associated with purposive control. Plato[3] and Aristotle[4] both referred to the kybernetike tekhne, as the technical art of steersmanship, in comparing the governing of a community to the piloting of a ship. In an essay published in 1834, noted French scientist Andre-Marie Ampere first suggested that the proper name for the scientific study of politics is cybernetique,[5] more than a century before Norbert Weiner ‘coined’ the term cybernetics to describe the general study of feedback control processes.”

/ˈnɔː.tɪ.kəl/ us
relating to ships, sailing, or sailors

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