MDMA patents

Owner/AssigneePatent/Pub. No.TitlePriority DateStatusGeneral subject matter
1Institute Of Science And Technology AustriaWO2021074448A1Stimulation of neuronal plasticity2019-10-18PublishedInducing synchronized gamma oscillations by applying a visual stimulus comprising a flashing light, together in some embodiments with an agent including psychedelics and MDMA
2University of MarylandWO2021030571A1Methods of Treating Psychological and Brain Disorders2019-08-12PublishedMethods of treating a psychological disorder by administering a 5-HT agonist in combination with a 5-HT2A antagonist, the 5-HT agonists including MDMA
3Concept Matrix SolutionsUS20210015833A1Oral soft gel capsule containing psychedelic compound2019-07-18Pending in USSoftgels containing “psilocybin, psilocin, baeocystin, mescaline, LSD, ketamine, salvinorin A, ibotenic acid, muscimol, DMT, MDMA, MDEA, MDA, & combinations"
4Concept Matrix SolutionsUS20210015738A1Oral dissolvable film containing psychedelic compound2019-07-17Pending in USFilms containing “psilocybin, psilocin, baeocystin, mescaline, LSD, ketamine, salvinorin A, ibotenic acid, muscimol, DMT, MDMA, MDEA, MDA, & combinations"
5Karl Dresdner, Michael Cary, Chase HudsonUS20200345585A1Process for making aqueous therapeutic particle having stable exterior water clustering with nanosized thickness2019-04-30Pending in USProcesses for making aqueous therapeutic nanoparticles, including with cannabinoids, psilocybin and related tryptamines, LSD, MDMA and MDA, ayahuasca, and ketamine
6The Regents Of The University Of CaliforniaWO2020185581A2Compositions and methods for modulating lipid and steroid metabolism2019-03-08PublishedPromoting colonization of spore-forming bacteria in a patient’ s gut, by administering a serotonin receptor agonist, including mescaline, certain subsituted phenethylamines, and MDMA
7Apollo NeuroscienceUS20200215297A1Systems and methods of mitigating negative effects of therapies with transcutaneous vibration2019-01-04Pending in USTranscutaneous vibratory simulation during MDMA-assisted psychotherapy
8Contera PharmaWO2020127954A1Treatment of movement disorders2018-12-20PublishedPharmaceutical compositions for treating movement disorders comprising a 5-HT1A receptor agonist and an indirect dopamine agonist, including MDMA
9Palo Alto Investors LPUS20200179349A1Methods of Treating Food Allergy Conditions2018-12-06Pending in USTreating a food allergy, by administration of an empathogen or entactogen, including MDMA
10Douglas MetcalfWO2020061573A1Systems and methods to administer pharmaceuticals2018-09-23PublishedContainers, devices, and methods to administer single doses of drugs by vaporization, including MDMA
11AlpvisionWO2020049182A1Cognitive computing methods and systems based on biological neural networks2018-09-08PublishedCognitive computing systems based on biological neural networks (BNNs), which may comprise additive chemicals that affect the response of the BNN, including MDMA
12RejoyUS20200060997A1TARR Receptor Agonists for Sexual Dysfunction2018-08-27Pending in USTopical compositions for female sexual dysfunction, which contract a smooth muscle of the nipple areola complex or increase its sensitivity, comprising trace amine associated receptor agonists, including MDMA
13Applied Biology, Inc.WO2020023084A1Taar Receptor Agonists For The Treatment Of Alopecia2018-07-26PublishedMethods for treating hair shedding by applying a composition of a pilomotor effective amount of a Taar receptor agonist topically, including MDMA
14Leon RosenbergWO2020014302A1Therapeutic combinations for treatment of CNS disorders2018-07-11PublishedCombination drugs for treating CNS disorders comprising two or more compounds, one of which may be MDMA
15Helium 3 Resources PtyWO2020006606A1A pharmaceutical composition and method of use of same2018-07-05PublishedCombination drugs for treating erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation comprising penile-erection-inducing agents and orgasm-delaying agents, the orgasm-delaying agents including MDMA
16Robert PetcavichWO2019246532A1Method of inducing dendritic and synaptic genesis in neurodegenerative chronic diseases2018-06-21PublishedTreating neurodegenerative disease by administration of a psychedelic, including MDMA
17Akili InteractiveWO2019161050A1Cognitive platform including computerized elements coupled with a therapy for mood disorder2018-02-18PublishedComputer systems for mood and cognitive assessment during psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, including with MDMA
18EleusisWO2019079742A1Methods and systems for enhancing safety of psychedelic drug therapies2017-10-19PublishedScreening a candidate for treatment with psychedelic and empathogenic agents, including MDMA, based on language characteristics from a language sample
19Rhodes PharmaceuticalsWO2019074829A1Pharmaceutical resinate compositions and methods of making and using thereof2017-10-09PublishedAnti-tampering and anti-abuse pharmaceutical compositions comprising an ion exchange resin, a binder, and a matrix material, and methods of making same, to be used with drugs including MDMA
20GW ResearchUS20200237683A1Use of cannabidiol in combination with 5-HT2B receptor agonists or amphetamins in the treatment of epilepsy2017-09-29PublishedTreatments for epilepsy using CBD in combination with a 5-HT2B receptor agonist, amphetamine, or an amphetamine derivative, including MDMA
21Syneurx International Taiwan CorpUS20190151272A1Lithium salts of N-substituted glycine compounds and uses thereof2017-07-10Pending in USMethods of treating neuropsychiatric disorders, comprising administering a lithium salt of an N-substituted glycine combined in some embodiments with a psychostimulant, including MDMA
22Syneurx International Taiwan CorpUS10226442B2Lithium salts of N-substituted glycine compounds and uses thereof2017-07-10Granted 2019-03-12 (expires 2037-07-10)Methods of treating neuropsychiatric disorders, comprising administering a lithium salt of N-methylglycine combined in some embodiments with a psychostimulant, including MDMA
23EleusisUS20200147038A1Assessing and treating psychedelic-responsive subjects2017-04-20Pending in USMethods of screening a subject for treatment and predicting the subject's responsiveness to treatment with a psychedelic or empathogenic agent, including MDMA
24CaaMTechUS20210085671A1Compositions and methods comprising a combination of serotonergic drugs2017-02-09Pending in USCombinations of two serotonergic drugs, including psilocybin derivatives, tryptamines, cannabinoids, SSRIs, LSD, and MDMA, and use to treat psychological disorders
25CaaMTechWO2018148605A1Compositions and methods comprising a psilocybin derivative2017-02-09PublishedMethods of modulating activity at a neurotransmitter receptor comprising administering a psilocybin derivative and in some embodiments a serotonergic drug including MDMA
26Insectergy LLCUS10738268B2Cannabis nanoemulsion methods2016-08-21Granted 2020-08-11 (expires 2036-11-01)
Methods to produce cannabis oil nanoemulsions with various compounds including MDMA
27Mamood ValadiUS20180042292A1Cigarette-like device for administration of substances2016-08-15AbandonedVaporizer and aerosolizer devices for inhalation of substances including MDMA
28Stanford UniversityUS10641782B2Methods for visualization and quantification of fiber-like structures2016-05-25Granted 2020-05-05 (expires 2037-07-26)Methods for visualizing fiber-like structures in biological specimens, including where the specimen is from a subject animal exposed to MDMA
29Gruenenthal GmbHUS20170071862A1Protecting oral overdose with abuse deterrent immediate release formulations2015-09-10Pending in USDosage forms comprising a drug embedded in a polymer matrix to prevent overdose after accidental or intentional administration of multiple such dosage forms, the drugs including MDMA
30University of South FloridaUS10821107Inhibitors of the FKBP51 protein from a high-throughput drug screen and methods of use2015-06-30Granted 2020-11-03 (expires 2035-06-30)Methods of treating a neurodegenerative disease or condition, depression, a stress disorder, or an anxiety disorder, with a drug including MDMA, where the patient has one or more FKBP5 gene variants
31Mclean HospitalXenon and/or argon treatment as an adjunct to psychotherapy for psychiatric disorders2012-12-11PendingMethods of treating PTSD and psychiatric disorders using xenon and/or argon, in combination with psychotherapy, and in some embodiments in combination with MDMA
32GlyTechUS10202469B2Sugar chain-attached linker, compound containing sugar chain-attached linker and physiologically active substance or salt thereof, and method for producing same2012-11-30Granted 2019-02-12 (expires 2033-12-11)Glycosylated drug conjugates (i.e., a glycosylated linker bonded to an active substance) having improved water solubility and release profile, the active substances including MDMA
33 SipNoseUS10549052B2Nasal delivery device2012-02-28Granted 2020-02-04 (expires 2036-06-13)Nasal delivery devices using compressed air for intranasal "direct nose-to-brain" administration of drugs including MDMA
34Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical ScienceUS20170357750A1Method for evaluating drug sensitivity and disease vulnerability by analyzing cyclic amp responsive element binding protein gene2011-09-30AbandonedMethods for evaluating drug sensitivity using genetic polymorphisms, the drugs including MDMA
35Gosforth Centre (Holdings) PtyUS20140142140A1Pharmaceutical composition for neurological disorders2011-07-08AbandonedCompositions and methods for treating neurological disorders comprising a sub-therapeutic dose of an anti-epileptic agent and a stimulant, including MDMA
36Christian Terreaux et al.US20130295179A1Novel omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid compositions and uses thereof2010-10-12AbandonedCompositions for treating mental disorders and for improving mental health comprising DHA, EPA, and GLA, combined with a psychostimulant, including MDMA
37Emory UniversityUS20120108510A1Methods of improving behavioral therapies2010-05-20AbandonedPsychedelic-assisted psychotherapy using an oxytocin releasing agent, including MDMA
38Auspex PharmaceuticalsUS20100172916A1Substituted hydroxyphenylamine compounds2008-11-10AbandonedMethod of treating a hormone-mediated disorder or pigment-mediated disorder comprising administration of compounds which may be in combination with additional therapeutic agents, including MDMA
39Gosforth Centre (Holdings) PtyUS10028971B2Compositions and methods for treating psychiatric disorders2008-08-08Granted 2018-07-24 (expires 2029-08-06)Methods of treating mild cognitive impairment using an anti-epileptic agent and optionally one or more psychostimulants, the psychostimulants including MDMA
40Univ. South Florida; US Dep't Veterans AffairsUS20190167653A1Materials and methods for diagnosis, prevention and/or treatment of stress disorders and conditions associated with a-beta peptide aggregation2008-06-30PendingMethods of treating a stress disorder or condition by using cotinine (a nicotine metabolite) together in some embodiments with MDMA; methods "can be used in combination with...various forms of psychotherapy"
41Oron ZacharUS20110144209A1Use of vasoconstrictors2008-06-30AbandonedMethods of treating cancer by drug-induced hyperthermia caused by administering a vasoconstrictor, including MDMA
42Daniel SchwartzUS20090264475A1Methods and compositions for altering dietary behavior2008-01-24AbandonedMethods of altering dietary behavior, by adding one or more positively-reinforcing compounds into healthy foods, the compounds including MDMA
43Pisgah LabsUS10183001B1Opioid and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder medications possessing abuse deterrent and anti-dose dumping safety features2007-05-22Granted 2019-01-22 (expires 2027-10-13)Drug products with improved safety and anti-abuse properties, comprising a matrix of BNDO and an active compound, including MDMA
44Pisgah LabsUS9421266B2Safety of pseudoephedrine drug products2007-05-22Granted 2016-08-23 (expires 2027-10-05)Drug products with improved safety and anti-abuse properties, by the inclusion of alditol acetals to reduce bioavailability in the mucosal membranes, the active compounds including MDMA
45Pisgah LabsUS20080293695A1Salts of physiologically active and psychoactive alkaloids and amines simultaneously exhibiting bioavailability and abuse resistance2007-05-22AbandonedDrug products that can be administered therapeutically but having anti-abuse properties when used non-therapeutically, the active compounds including MDMA
46Auspex PharmaceuticalsUS20080045588A1Preparation and utility of substituted amphetamines2006-08-02AbandonedDeuterated amphetamines including MDMA and MDA, processes of their preparation, pharmaceutical compositions thereof, and methods of their use for the treatment and/or management of trauma, e.g., PTSD
47Duke UniversityUS8877802B2Antiparkinsonian action of phenylisopropylamines2005-07-28Granted 2014-11-04 (expires 2033-03-04)Methods of treating Parkinson's disease comprising administering synergistic amounts of L-Dopa in combination with MDMA
48Randal J. KirkUS20090239783A1Synergistic effects of combined administration of mirtazapine and a stimulant compound2004-11-08AbandonedCompositions of a stimulant and mirtazapine, where the stimulant can include MDMA; methods of their use and manufacture
49ShireUS20060100136A1Synergistic effects of combined administration of mirtazapine and a stimulant compound2004-11-08AbandonedCompositions of a stimulant and mirtazapine, where the stimulant can include MDMA; methods of their use and manufacture
50Mayo Foundation, NIH, DHHSUS20080033029A1Treating digestive tract conditions2004-05-06AbandonedMethods for treating a digestive tract condition by administering a serotonin receptor agonist, including MDMA
51Lohmann Therapie Systeme GmbHUS8980308B2Transdermal pharmaceutical preparation containing active substance combinations, for treating Parkinson's disease2003-08-20Granted 2015-03-17 (expires 2029-07-04)Transdermal pharmaceutical preparations for treating Parkinson's disease containing L-Dopa and other active agents including MDMA
52Agouron Pharmaceuticals, PfizerUS20040224960A1Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for their use2003-02-21AbandonedMethods of increasing the bioavailability of drugs by coadministration of a CYP450-inhibiting compound, the drugs including MDMA
53PfizerUS20020013372A1Pharmacophore models for the identification of the CYP2D6 inhibitory potency of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors2000-03-14AbandonedMethods of generating pharmacophore models for the CYP2D6 inhibitory potency of SSRIs for in silico drug screening, including by using MDMA in a training set of compounds
54PfizerUS20030144220A1Use of CYP2D6 inhibitors in combination therapies1999-04-07AbandonedMethods of administering drugs that are metabolized by CYP2D6 in combination with a CYP2D6 inhibitor, to improve the drugs' pharmacokinetic profile, the drugs including MDMA
55University of MinnesotaUS5028611ATreatment for cocaine use1989-06-29Granted 1991-07-02 (expired 2009-06-29)Method for reducing cravings and the use of psychostimulants and psychoactive compounds comprising orally administering carbamazepine, the compounds including MDMA
56Yale UniversityUS5059600ATreating habit disorders1989-03-31Granted 1991-10-22 (expired 2009-03-31)Methods of treating drug disorders comprising administering flupenthixol, the drug disorders including addiction to, abuse of, or dependency on MDMA
57Thomas HosickUS4120976ATreatments for arthritis and cast dermatitis1977-12-13Granted 1978-10-17 (expired 1997-12-13)Methods of relieving the symptoms of arthritis and cast dermatitis comprising administering MDA (note: not MDMA) in dosage amounts of approximately 0.2 to 1.5 mg/kg of body weight.
58MerckDE279194Verfahren zur Darstellung von Hydrastinin Derivaten1912-12-24Granted 1914-10-15 (expired)Method of coverting MDMA to methylhydrastinine, a methylated analogue of hydrastinine ("Process for the preparation of hydrastinine derivatives")
59MerckDE274350Verfahren zur Darstellung von Alkyloxyaryl-, Dialkyloxyaryl- und Alkylendioxyarylaminopropanen bzw. deren am Stickstoff monoalkylierten Derivaten1912-12-24Granted 1914-05-16 (expired)Method of synthesizing MDMA ("Process for the preparation of alkyloxyaryl, dialkyloxyaryl and alkylenedioxyarylaminopropanes and their derivatives monoalkylated on the nitrogen")